Jumi Lite (Litefeet Nation Japan Leader)
Kotomi -girl
Shoichi -boy

Litefeet is New York. It was birthed Uptown in the Harlem Shake and the Chicken Noodle Soup and evolved into a dense community of dancers battling, sessioning, and hitting the trains for Showtime.
In Japan, there are about 100 dancers getting lite, and Jumi Lite is the man responsible for that. After finding the culture on Youtube, he practiced in his home country for a couple years until finally making the pilgrimage to New York to learn firsthand from some of the most respected dancers in the community like Chrybaby Cozie and Mr. Youtube.

I discover litefeet with Waffle Crew in NYC in 2015, that was an amazing and beautiful meet, i wanted to see what litefeet was in Japan and i had just two hours for that. This is a non commercial project, i film dancers around the world for the beauty of the art of motion, the smiles and the good memories.

Shot In Shibuya, Tokyo – Japan 2017.
Camera Sony A7S.

Thanks to

Jumi Lite ,Kotomi and Shoichi !
Alice the goon

Music: (we loooove dancing on Alltta !!!)
AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) – Under The Water { fg.IV }

LA CIGALE (Paris) 04/04/2018
Billets :
Track 4/9 of the « Facing Giants » Single Series by AllttA
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